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  • Fashion is undoubtedly a pointed shoes

    The new season is about to open, quickly buy a pair of fashionable footwear, put on new shoes to open your new journey. Fashion from the beginning of the foot, pointed footwear should not be missed. Obey most people on the comfortable understanding, Xiao Bian from flat bottom pointed shoes began to speak, flat shoes is slippers, not only wearing comfort, or the highest exposure of a. The tip can be stretched leg lines, unique texture of the fabric lines, arrogance is not publicity, low-key but not contrived.

    Women love high heels, as the general nature of the deep engraved in the bones, with a modern high heels is the desire of all women. Black and white irregular stitching, breaking the conventional single-shoe pure color design, as elegant and elegant piano keys, romantic and elegant rendering just right. For the thinner girl, lace high heels, but your gospel, it can effectively overcome the shoes with the foot of the problem, fit to be more comfortable. Solid color of the bright leather to bring light texture, red color is emitting a charming sexy atmosphere. Simple and elegant nude color shoes, is the most wild color, it can retro jordans for sale make you easily with a variety of clothes. Slightly hollow design, showing the designer's careful machine, elegant ladies also have the vitality of the taste of freedom. Simple but yet fashionable. Hit the color can not only be used in clothes, for the footwear is also a good choice. Red and blue two extreme colors, with a full tension. Comfortable inside the increase design allows you to walk more robust, so boldly show yourself, you are bright stars.

    ?When the gold and silver used in the shoes, own some luxury effect, exquisite luxury diamond decoration, more of a low-key elegant, noble temperament people put it down. Charm pointed to let your beauty show off, slender expression of a woman's soft. Candy color beauty shoes, you can not love. Patent leather splicing highlights lively, more in line with the Asian foot-type French pointed, comfortable angle design, so you easily wear fear of 9CM high-heel challenge. A variety of candy color, with your mind any choice.

    From the flat shoes began by the end of flat shoes, life is also the case, we are wearing a flat shoes when young happy to play, old age should also wear a flat shoes comfortable walking. Follow this sweet little partner together, through all the beautiful days, happy life.

    2017-03-25 13:58:14
  • Injured women feet 7 kinds of shoes for the rest of my life do not want to wear

    Retro wind again! Long skirts, pointed shoes, rivets ... ... are the same fashion. Pointed leather shoes on the toe has a plastic effect, so that the toe parts together, easy to form the thumb eversion. Toe space is small, air circulation difficulties, easily lead to the breeding of bacteria. Hole shoes is essentially plastic shoes, but because of the structure and material of the hole shoes, easy to water, and moisture is not easy to be absorbed by the shoes, volatile, it can only help the foot hole above the breathable, and the most need breathable And dry soles of the feet, but not protected. People easily sweat, with the evaporation of sweat, holes will be posted on the foot of the foot, often wear will lead to foot warm and warm, for the fungus to provide a breeding ground, may lead jordans for cheap to athlete's foot and other skin diseases.

    All kinds of colorful footwear slippers. But the sandals on the toes are harmful to people's health. Because the people who wear shoes in front of the foot because of the lack of support, the toes naturally in the mover in the shoes, slowly curled up into a claw shape. At the same time, due to the body center of gravity tilted to the front foot, foot arch excessive force, this will lead to foot pain and inflammation, severe formation of the thumb eversion. Tie sandals are elegant enough? But the strap is really a sandwiched shoes do not wear the most. You think about the tie, in order to prevent the tape down, it is likely to tightly tied the calf, the process of poor blood circulation. The results of the calf out of a section of you to know why you friends.

    It is undeniable that high heels are taller and more beautiful, and, with the more delicate the more charming. But as long as more than 5cm high heels, people will not adapt to the body. Because the heel up the lift, the center of gravity will fall on the forefoot, making the stability of the ankle stability, easy to have the risk of ankle sprain. do you know? As the loose shoe soles are too thick, easy to walk when the body leaning forward and lose center of gravity, sprain foot joints, foot bones or ligaments. Japanese girls are the most beloved women in the world who wear loose shoes, but a recent study by a Japanese college found that 23% of women were injured and worn on the street while walking on the street.

    Wearing high heels is not healthy, then choose flat shoes to wear Well Many people think that this can wear shoes to wear healthy, in fact, wrong. Shoes can not be too high, should not be too flat and thin. People walking with the impact of the ground can be along the leg, crest, direct head.

    2017-03-25 13:51:26
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